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3 Ways Culinary Wise Operates Green Restaurants in Dallas

3 Ways Culinary Wise Operates Green

We are Culinary Wise, the parent brand of eco-friendly restaurants and catering services in the Dallas metroplex. Our company as an entity honors 4 pillars: Quality, Customer Experience, Social Responsibility, and Green Initiatives. We believe the quality of the vision, the people, and the food matter. The customer experience is not about us, it’s about you. We own the social responsibility to take an active role in our communities. All of our concepts operate with green initiatives top of mind, and we make proactive decisions that lessen our environmental impact.

So what do “green initiatives” really mean and what are the CW concepts actively doing each day to walk the talk? 

At Culinary Wise, we are passionate about creating a positive impact on the environment and practicing green initiatives in several ways - through changes big and small. Whenever possible, we use recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable products. This includes our takeout containers all the way to our paper towels. We help reduce waste through composting and have worked to become more energy-efficient, and are committed to participating in ecological projects, causes, and events. The CW restaurant concepts are some of only a few Dallas restaurants to carry the title of Certified Green. 

What’s is a Certified Green Restaurant?

In comparison to other local Dallas restaurants, this distinction is given by the Green Restaurant Association and our restaurants follow stringent guidelines to uphold our certification. Our Certified Green Restaurants that are committed to green dining in Dallas include: State & Allen, Maple Landing, and Nodding DonkeyWe’ve compiled a list of 3 ways Culinary Wise operates green certified restaurants in Dallas:

  • Why do we ask if you want water?

No, we aren’t being stingy – we’re being green! Our restaurant staff asks if you want water with your meal not only to conserve water but to conserve the energy used to make ice and wash your glass.

  • Free coffee sounds good, right? 

When you bring your own coffee mug to the best brunch in Dallas (ours), we’ll fill it up for free! This helps conserve the energy used to run the commercial dishwashers. We enjoy encouraging our patrons to do their part to help our planet along with us. Every little thing that we do makes a big difference! Thanks for doing your part!

  • Why do we offer compostable take-out “Ecotainers”?

Another important move that we've made has to do with our paper products. We use recycled paper and supplies in our office, and, on the customer side, we've started buying Ecotainer products. Unlike traditional packaging, Ecotainer products use a plastic lining made from plants. All products are compostable. Our plastic bags come from, and they are 100% biodegradable and will not harm the environment when they decompose. They're made with natural bioplastic polymers. 

As a parent company, Culinary Wise believes in creating environmentally friendly restaurants that operate with green initiatives top of mind. Make a reservation at State & Allen, Maple Landing or Nodding Donkey today to see what we’re doing to make an impact!

Two Great Dallas Restaurants

Two Great Dallas Restaurants

It’s no secret that Dallas is filled with great restaurants. With so many options it can be difficult to choose. Why not check out these two green C&W establishments - both with unique menus, delicious cuisine and great atmosphere! 

The Best Date Night In Uptown

Book your table at State & Allen for the best date night in Dallas. The restaurant is located in the heart of Uptown and the unique space has a variety of unique spaces to accommodate any occasion. It doesn’t matter when you plan to go because they offer incredible food and drink specials every day of the week! From a spirited girl's night out to a romantic first date, look no further for the best restaurant in Dallas for a fun evening.

Check out the daily specials below so you can plan the perfect date night in Uptown! Whether you’re a big pizza fan, prefer a more comforting dish like grilled cheese, or maybe a traditional fish & chips plate, their daily specials are unbeatable! Experience incredible daily food and drink specials and the best happy hour in Uptown! Don’t stress about waiting around for a table or fighting weekend crowds, they offer online reservations that will allow you to book in advance to ensure you have a table at a time that’s convenient for you. Book your reservations now!

The Best BBQ in Dallas

Maple Landing is home to the best BBQ in Dallas - and the best takeout in Dallas for any upcoming occasion! Whether you feel like venturing out to enjoy the enthusiastic atmosphere or just want to order takeout, Maple Landing has you covered for the best way to experience delicious dining in Dallas! It’s a fact that you can’t truly enjoy the best BBQ in Dallas without pairing it with the best whiskey specials in town. Yep, that‘s right, Maple Landing offers $6 whiskies all day, every day.

Don’t forget, you can always reserve the game room for your next get-together. The event space and party area (called the Game Room, natch), is perfect for any occasion and has plenty of space for up to 50 seated guests. They call it the Game Room for a reason because it features pool tables, dart boards, a golden tee, and foosball. The Game Room is always open to the public but you can reserve this space for your next party! Save your spot today for the best BBQ in Dallas, $6 whiskey list, and a Game Room full of fun on. You better act quickly because the game day crowd will be coming in full force soon, so save your spot today!

Holiday party cheers

Private Holiday Event Venues in Dallas

Private Holiday Event Venues in Dallas

Whether you’re planning a traditional Christmas party, holiday happy hour, or New Years’ celebration, our catering service and restaurants offer a variety of private event venues in Dallas with incredible service and, of course, delicious food to seal the deal. Savory Catering, one of the most popular catering companies in Dallas, will come to you - with a wide selection of modern dishes sure to please your holiday guests. Our casual bar and restaurant concept in Uptown, State & Allen just finished revamping their Bourbon & Bubbles private - which is ideal private parties. And last but not least, the Maple Landing Game Room is an excellent private party room that comes with an array of entertainment options including pool and dartboards and, of course, serves up the best BBQ in Dallas. 

Savor Your Time Together

It’s no secret Savory Catering has grown to be the top choices for events in Dallas. The SC team can take any budget into consideration and suggest event options that will leave your guest speechless this holiday season. By booking with Savory Catering directly they commit to handling all the logistics so you can enjoy the fun part of event planning. Email the team at to plan your ideal holiday event!

State & Allen Bourbon & Bubbles Room - The Best Event Venue in Uptown, Dallas

Looking for a laid-back event venue in Uptown with a welcoming atmosphere to host your holiday party this season? Our bar and restaurant concept, State & Allen in Uptown has endless options to accommodate parties big and small. From their newly renovated private room Bourbon and Bubbles to their Cocktail Patio, the State & Allen team can help you plan a party that fits your vision and budget. State & Allen has 6 different spaces available to reserve for special holiday, but the newly renovated Bourbon & Bubbles room is the best private event venue in Uptown. 

Enjoy the holiday festivities in State & Allen’s private party room! The latest and greatest renovated party spot is the revamped Bourbon & Bubbles Room, a private party room in Uptown that can hold up to 45 people cocktail style or 30 people seated and is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re planning to host a holiday pop-up event, girl’s night out, or a traditional Christmas party, the State & Allen team can work to accommodate the fun.

The Maple Landing Game Room - The Most Fun Event Venue In Dallas 

Our bar and restaurant concept, The Maple Landing, is a casual neighborhood bar in the Medical District specializing in bourbon, beer, burgers, and brisket. While smoked meats are their niche, they sure know how to host a party! Maple Landing’s new Game Room is a private party room in Dallas that is always open to the public but can easily be reserved for your next event. The Game Room is the perfect fit if your group enjoys arcade games, cold beer, and the best BBQ in Dallas.

It’s true The Maple Landing is the best whiskey bar in Dallas - in addition to having an incredible menu,  friendly staff and a down-home atmosphere. The Maple Landing Game Room is excellent for private parties and is a multi-functional room that has plenty of space for up to 50 seated guests. And, you don’t have to worry about planning entertainment for your guests, the space features pool tables, dart boards, golden tee, and foosball. The Maple Landing Game Room can also be cleared of all games for special occasions like rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, or anniversary parties. The Game Room is the perfect place to plan your next event. Book your private event at the Maple Landing Game Room today! 

No matter the style or size of your party, the Culinary Wise concepts can help you plan and host the holiday party of the season. Book one of the best private event venues in Dallas today!

smoked turkey breast

Chef-Prepared Catering For Thanksgiving

Chef-Prepared Catering For Thanksgiving

Our catering company concept Savory Catering features a team of outstanding local chefs who have crafted an unbeatable Thanksgiving dinner to-go menu featuring all the classics. Nothing tastes more like the holiday season than a locally-sourced Thanksgiving Turkey and a delicious pumpkin pie. Too tired to cook? Short on time? Leave the feast to the experts - and order chef-prepared catering for Thanksgiving. 

Quality Thanksgiving Meals To Go! 

At Culinary Wise, we understand that the quality of the vision, the people, and the food matter. The food part is especially important on a traditional holiday such as Thanksgiving. Our restaurant concepts are committed to exclusively serving top-quality meals, and our catering company is dedicated to providing just that for your family this holiday season. We do our due diligence to go above and beyond to support local businesses when sourcing our ingredients to ensure everything that comes out of our kitchen is served fresh and with excellence. Our Thanksgiving dinner to go is truly no exception. If you’re unsure if catering for Thanksgiving is the right decision for your family, we encourage you to give it a try. Our chefs work endlessly to prepare Thanksgiving dishes that hit the spot.

Give Back This Holiday Season

At Culinary Wise it’s no secret that we take an active role in giving back to the community. Let’s not forget this sentiment during the hustle-bustle of the holiday rush. Wondering how you can give back this year? Here are a few fun and unique ways to support the community:

  1. Volunteer 

Time is our most valuable resource as human beings. Donating your time to the local community is a great way to lend a hand to those who may not have a warm place to go on Thanksgiving. Sign-up to volunteer at a soup kitchen to serve a Thanksgiving meal or call the local church and inquire about upcoming community events such as coat drives or toy drives.

  1. Donate a Thanksgiving Meal to a Neighbor in Need

Give the gift of a warm meal this Thanksgiving season. Maybe you’re pressed for time but have the resources to donate a delicious meal to a neighbor in need. Order Thanksgiving dinner online and deliver it to a friend, family member, or even a stranger. Our family meals serve 6 and come with a wonderful Thanksgiving turkey, all the sides and fixings, and a homemade pumpkin pie for dessert.

  1. Random Act of Kindness

Rake leaves, mow a yard, fix up a local garden or flowerbed, it doesn’t matter. A random act of kindness can make someone’s day. Helping a friend, your neighbor, or even a stranger is dedicating your time to making the community a better place and your kindness won’t go unnoticed. 

Order Today

You won’t regret ordering from Savory Catering for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Our family meals are stress and mess-free, so you can have time to focus on what matters and spend more time with family and friends. Reserve your Thanksgiving dinner to go today!

Our Restaurants and Concepts

Culinary Wise Restaurants and Concepts

We consciously created our restaurants & concepts with green initiatives, the community, and the customer experience in mind. While each of our concepts at Culinary Wise is unique in its own way, they are all bound together by our commitment to creating a positive impact on the world around us. Did you know one of our restaurants smokes the best BBQ in Dallas and another is well-known for being a top-rated catering company in Dallas? It’s true, our local concepts offer a wide variety of services across a few different industries. Let’s take a look.

Maple Landing

Maple Landing is the hot spot for the best BBQ in Dallas, rare and unique whiskeys, and cold local beer. Located in the heart of the Medical District, it’s truly a casual neighborhood bar specializing in bourbon, beer, burgers, and brisket. Maple Landing is the perfect destination for a lunch on the breezy patio or a weekend pitstop to experience the best brunch in Dallas with mimosas and more. Maple Landing also offers event space that’s perfect for any occasion. 

Savory Catering

As a full-service catering company, Savory Catering offers a tasteful choice of dishes and an unmatched level of service for events both big and small (conveniently located just northwest of downtown Dallas). From corporate daily lunches to private event catering for parties, weddings, and happy hours, it’s no secret that Savory Catering offers the best catering in Dallas. Savory Catering is committed to serving guests fresh, chef prepared meals made with the highest quality ingredients.

State & Allen

State & Allen is uptown’s best bar and restaurant for a casual neighborhood hangout serving up eclectic American cuisine in a casual restaurant setting. State & Allen is one of those Dallas neighborhood establishments that is as real and as effortlessly fun as the people who frequent it. The street side patio is the perfect place for a quick cocktail or impeccably prepared food accompanied by a selection from an impressive wine list. From date night to happy hour, at State & Allen you can experience the best dinner in Dallas and the best happy hour in Uptown all under one roof. 

The Nodding Donkey

The Nodding Donkey continues to be the best sports bar in Uptown by serving up the freshest ingredients, pouring the best drinks and, of course, offering the best patio in Dallas. The Nodding Donkey is home to a Social Pie "ghost kitchen" that allows customers the opportunity to get all their favorite pizzas and salads in one place! If you’re looking for a neighborhood bar with a scratch kitchen and sports for days, the Nodding Donkey is the place with 20 big screens, a spacious patio, and all your game day classics.

Social Pie

Social Pie is a favorite spot for delicious pizza, wine, and cold local beer. Social Pie brought our beloved pizza from State&Allen in Uptown to the Dallas Medical District. Social Pie is a casual counter-service restaurant offering artisan pizza, sandwiches, local craft beer, and wine in a laid-back setting. While Social Pie is a great option for lunch in Dallas for lunch - don't forget our popular happy hour. Come meet friends at our expansive outdoor patio, complete with TVs - ideal for the next Dallas Cowboys game! 

At Culinary Wise our concepts are committed to delivering an approachable dining experience with exceptional service. Our team is dedicated to our community, the environment, and, most importantly, to you. We invite you to experience one of our concepts and let us know what you think!

Hello, We Are Culinary Wise

Hello, We Are Culinary Wise! 

Culinary Wise founders, Jonathan and Tony, have led a successful Dallas-area restaurant group and catering business since 2001. They have created some of the best restaurants in Dallas including The Nodding Donkey, Social Pie, State & Allen, and Maple Landing, along with catering company Savory Catering. It’s clear this is only the beginning for Culinary Wise.

After 20 years of focusing on the individual rooftops and developing unique brands for each, the team is excited to announce the establishment of a parent brand, Culinary Wise, a brand that represents our overall vision and connects each of our concepts together and will lay the foundation for future concepts and industry innovations.

Culinary Wise is a collection of restaurants and a family of individuals united through their commitment to the following four pillars:

QUALITY - The quality of the vision, the people, and the food matter.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - It’s not about us, it’s about you.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - We take an active role in our communities.

GREEN INITIATIVES - We make proactive business decisions that lessen our environmental impact.

Meet The Team 

Culinary Wise is a passionate team of authentic and committed experts who care. 

Jonathan Calabrese Owner / Executive Chef

Jonathan was a latecomer to the culinary world, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a huge success in the industry. He graduated from UNT in 1996 with a Philosophy degree and worked in Health Care Consulting before deciding to go culinary school in 1998. Jonathan graduated from Art Institute of Dallas as the valedictorian of his class, then Jonathan had the pleasure of staging at The Grape Restaurant under Executive Chef Brian Luscher where he attributes much of his overall ‘how to’ process of running a kitchen.  The opportunity came quickly for Jonathan and his best friend and business partner as he opened his own restaurant in Lakewood called Savory Bistro which was met with consistently positive reviews.  From this point, he has grown the business over the last 15 years adding State & Allen Kitchen/Bar (2004) and the Nodding Donkey’s Sports Bar (2010), ever-present though was his first love Savory Catering that he started while in culinary school and continues to rapidly grow today.  Jonathan works in a supporting role with the current corporate executive chef for the whole company, Rhett Dukes to take food in many directions while both work on the overall vision of the food and menus together. Jonathan spends most of his time running the whole operation while his business partner expands the company in many exciting directions. Jonathan is thrilled to have Culinary Wise represent all of his concepts as the parent brand. 

Tony Winkler Owner / Business Developer

Anthony is a born entrepreneur whose exciting ideas challenge the Culinary Wise family to grow. With an injury sidelining him from college basketball, he then turned his sights to business and never looked back. Tony grew up in CT and later moved to Texas in the early 90s, which is when he met Jon. He currently oversees the development of the corporate catering division of Culinary Wise, working with some of the top Dallas office buildings to design and manage corporate eateries that help attract and retain top talent, while fueling productivity through nutrition and convenience. His passion for quality and excellence sets the standard for everything we do, from hiring to the experience we provide each guest and everything in between. Stay in touch to see what’s next for Culinary Wise.

Meet Our Concepts

Each of our concepts has its unique differences, but they all stand connected by Culinary Wise’s exceptional brand attributes. Our concepts are aligned intentionally to demonstrate our overarching commitment to quality, customer experience, social responsibility, and green initiatives in their own distinct way.

The Nodding Donkey has been the local’s favorite neighborhood bar in Uptown with a scratch-kitchen serving up the freshest ingredients and pouring the best drinks and of course.  

Social Pie is ​​a fun-loving, earth-loving pizza joint serving up artisanal pizzas, salads, and sandwiches alongside craft beer and draft wine in the Dallas medical district. 

State & Allen is uptown’s best bar and restaurant for a casual neighborhood hangout serving up fresh burgers, fish tacos & more, with a street side patio to a trendy crowd. 

Maple Landing is our very own laid back neighborhood "dive-bar" with a nod to the aviation history of love field & southwest airlines, and is known for serving up the best Dallas bbq, burgers, bourbon, and cold beer." 

Savory Catering is a full-service catering company that provides any and all types of catering as well as event planning, site selection, vendor arrangement, and production design. We have succeeded at executing many large-scale events because nobody knows Dallas like we do. 

Culinary Wise is just getting started. Stay tuned to see what’s in store for the CW team!